How We Met

We met at the beginning of our junior year in high school online through my cousin who knew him through work. We officially met each other in person in November 2002 and have been inseperable ever since.


So...Heather got to Eric's house for one of the usual vists, we went out for a later dinner to a place downtown Ansonia called Crave. From there, we came back to Eric's house and headed to his room. Eric asked her if she wanted to watch a movie, she said that was fine. So, Eric asked if she had an ideas. She asked what he had. He gave her a copy of "Bride Wars" and asked what she thought. She didn't say much, just kinda gave a look because she knows Eric don't watch that stuff! Then, Eric said, "So, I finally got you what you've been nagging me for..." and gave her this big, fake diamond. She had this big smile on her face. I looked at her and said, "What? Is that not good enough for you?..." Eric got down on one knee and said "How's this one tickle you?...Will you marry me?" She had this HUGE smile on her face at this point and quickly said, "YES!" and laughed.